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Maintenance and precautions of wine filling machine

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In order to improve the production efficiency of the wine filling machine and ensure that the parts do not fail during use, maintenance work needs to be done. Then let's take a look at the maintenance method of each part of the wine filling machine.

  1. Before starting the filling machine, turn the machine with the handle to check whether there is any abnormal rotation, and then start the machine.

  2. When adjusting the machine, tools should be used correctly. It is strictly forbidden to use excessively large tools or excessive force to disassemble the parts, so as not to damage the parts or affect the performance of the machine.

  3. After the wine filling machine is adjusted, tighten the loose screws and use the handle to turn the machine to see if its action meets the requirements before driving.

  4. Check whether the speed throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve are closed, and whether the throttle valve cannot be closed.

  5. Check whether there is foreign matter in the quick-installing three-way control valve, and clean it in time if there is; check whether there is air in the quick-installing three-way control valve hose and filling head. If there is air, try cutting or sweeping the air.

  6. Check all seals for damage. If damaged, replace with a new one.

  7. Check whether the spool of the oil filler is stuck or delayed in opening. If there is a blockage, re-install the spool. If the opening is delayed, the throttle valve of the thin cylinder should be adjusted.

  8. Check whether the filling speed of the filling machine is too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve, and reduce the filling speed.

Precautions for wine filling machine

  1. When the filling machine is abnormal, the power supply should be cut off in time, and it can continue to be used after removal.

  2. When the filling machine is stopped, rinse the residual liquid in the pipeline with clean water in time, otherwise the residual liquid will deteriorate and affect the product quality of the next shift. When necessary, the plastic infusion tube should be removed for cleaning, and the machine should be cleaned in time to keep it dry and clean.

  3. Regularly inspect each shift to remove foreign objects on the end face of the transverse heat-sealed copper block, and there must be no scaling. Otherwise, the thermal conductivity will not drop, the temperature of the copper block will rise, and the transverse heat sealing and bag cutting will be abnormal.

  4. Regularly check the moving parts and lubrication conditions in each shift, and add 20 parts of lubricating oil or grease in time. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the service life of the machine.