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Water filling line

The complete line of the filling machine is applied to all kinds of PET bottled water, including purified water, natural spring mineral water, etc. How to start your business?We will provide you with the most professional solution.

linear water filling machine

water treatment system

1. Water Treatment System

Water treatment is equipped for pure water, mineral water, and water in beverage drink. It contains RO, natrium filter, Ultra filter, Micron filter multi-medium filter activated carbon filter, Ion-exchanger, Ozone processor etc.

automatic bottle blowing machine

2. Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Fully automatic pet blow moulding machine is suitable for producing PET bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, beverage bottle, oil bottle, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc. 

water filling machine

3. Water Filling Machine

The water filling machine is consisted of ringsing-filling-caping all together. It can fill mineral water, pure water and distill water etc. CGF water filling machine adpots the suspension design. It allows the machine to fill different type of the bottles. It is normally used as drinking water filling machine. However, it can also be used for fill PET bottle with fruit juice and tea at high temperature by simply change tha valve.


4. Dryer

This Dryer For Bottle Filling Line is applicable for drying the bottles before labeling. Stainless steel 304 material, easy to operate and maintain.This equipment is mainly used for automatic packaging line such as water, beer, pharmaceutical, beverages, wine, red wine and so on, to dry the surface of pet bottle and others.

Laser printer

5. Laser Printer

Our laser marking machine can hard,soft, brittle productsprint on plane,arc and flying objects of various features of text, symbols, patterns; Its applications fields:Glass industry,package industry (food package,medical package and so on), sign industry, leather product industry,wood industry,beverage, PCB, artware, electronic product, cable and tubes etc.

sleeve labeling machine

6. Sleeve Labeling Machine

Automatic sleeve labeling machine is suitable for kinds of bottle types, for example: round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle,curve bottle and cup-shaped.Our shrink sleeve labeling machines series use the newest shrink technology with large control touch screen. The humanize operation, the mainframe can be easy adjusted up and down with automatically. The labeling machine has been accurately designed,even use this machine with high speed for a long time, machine running is still very stable and smoothly.

shrink packing machine

7. Shrink Packing Machine

Shrink Tunnel Machine Packing is the optimal shrink film applicator for infinite length products. A heated arm is raised and lowered as products pass underneath. Shrink film is then heated and sealed around the product.

Technical parameter

Capacity (500ML)2000BPH5000BPH8000BPH12000BPH15000BPH18000BPH
Floor area300㎡400㎡600㎡1000㎡2000㎡2500㎡
Total power100KVA150KVA200KVA300KVA450KVA500KVA


1.Easy to operate and highly automated

2.Apply world famous brand products

3.Designed for bottling in a hygienic environment.

4.Using free-standing transfer star wheels

Flow chart